An equitable early education system benefits all children and respects all partners.


Who We are

We are a group of community–based organizations providing Pre-K and 3-K services throughout New York City.

We are preschools, daycares and early education centers that are being greatly impacted by the DOE’s contractual inequities.

We believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can effect meaningful and needed change.

We believe that New York City can serve as a leader in creating an equitable early education system that benefits all children and respects all of its partners.


What we believe

We believe in working supportively and collectively to ensure fairness for all in our community.  This includes:

Equity for children - adequate funding for all children, regardless of center location

Equity for teachers, support staff and administrators - equal pay for equal work

Equity for families - families are diverse and deserve a variety of program options 

Equity for partners - contracts that are transparently negotiated in good faith and fair dealing



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